} Sometimes you meet the devil in the crossroads; sometimes to get what you really want you have to trade your soul....or worse.
The music world is filled with successes and failures, they all have one thing in common. The sacrifice. If anyone thinks it would be easy, they're dead wrong. There is always someone watching, whether above or below; they see all. It's up to you to decide who to appease and where your loyalties lie

To those that remain:

So those few that remain, I thank you. For your loyalty and faith. Crossroads is dead, but something new is coming. Something dark and cruel and full of even more possibilities. 

Let’s bring in a little more supernatural shall we.

Stay tuned. 

To those that have parted

Thank you to everyone that was a part of Crossroad Blues. Especially those that were there from beginning to end. It was my hope that it would last a little longer. But I feel, after much thought, that this needed to happen to make way for something better. Crossroads was a stepping stone. I learned so much being a mod in this RP, as I have in every roleplay that I have been part of the team of creators. But this one especially. 

Now some people have parted with grudges or bad vibes, and some friendships have ended. For that I am sorry. Truly. I valued every moment of out relationships and it really does hurt knowing they have come to an end, for many different reasons. It sucks to know that there are several people out there that think ill of me, but this has become an issue that I can no longer control or mend. I admit to making many mistakes, but can no longer take responsibility for faults that are not mine.  

On my part, I harbor no ill feelings or ill will. I wish you all luck in your lives and in your future roleplaying. And to be perfectly honest, I will miss all of you. You, and your characters. But life goes on. There are still many stories left to be told that have yet to be touched, and I’ve always considered it my responsibility to make sure they are told. 

Cheers. To all friends. Past and Present.

-Mod Zeus aka Jax


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Tyler Carter | cylertarter

Vic Fuentes | xvickyfuentes

Anonymous: Would anyone be interested in having a Craig Mabbitt?

i’m sure


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T. Mills | alli.wannado

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Alex Skye Tour Manager for Falling In Reverse. Aim: alexdevyn 

Beau Brooks Vocalist for The Janoskians. Aim: beau.jobx

Ronnie Radke Vovaist for Falloing In Reverse. Aim:aloneinreverse

Tay Jardine Vocalist for We Are The In Crowd. Aim: bestintention.s

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